We offer a range of standard conveyor systems with belt widths from 600 to 1350.
The advantage for clients is the speed at which they can be issued for fabrication, constructed and commissioned.

  • Straight inclined at any angle to suit application.
  • Horizontal section then with a minimum of 180 M radius curved section to any incline angle to suit layout.
  • Longer radii if required depending on the product characteristics and conveyor duty required.
  • We can accommodate any conveyor profile using our standard designs.
  • Gantries with walkways on one side or on both sides.
  • Conveyors requiring “dog house” sheeting.
  • Stockpile feed conveyors with cantilever head end.
  • Vertical gravity take up towers.
  • Simple design take up with special gantry having bend pulleys installed.
  • Skirt designs for single or multiple feed points.